Friday, May 22, 2009

The Weekend is Here

I did my last run before the marathon relay this weekend. I woke up and was out running by 5:45Am and went to the local track. It is only 1/4 mile away and then I hop the fence and do laps. I ended up running 4 miles in 35:00 for an nice easy run. I am resting up now for the race on Sunday.

Laura has agreed to pick up our packets on Saturday and we will be meeting her on Sunday morning at the Start area. Paul will be picking me up at 4:45AM and the we will pick up Chaz and Cherylynn before head off to Madison. The weather is looking good. Sunny which isn't the best but mid 50's at the start and Mid 60's by the end, a bit warm but certainly not hot. Chaz and I have decided that he will run e fist leg and i will run the second mainly to keep Chaz from running in too much traffic as he would have to do if I started. We will be running as Team InStep and I was able to pick up my new running singlet from InStep today. InStep is a running and walking store locally that also does rehab. It is a great store and Chaz has run for their team for awhile now. While I am not up to the top times on the team, they don't fully mind and just want the exposure. My friend Chris is a part owner of the store and InStep has also donated stuff for the Kid's Marathon I am organizing.

So now it is time to concentrate on a good time in Madison. my goal is the run the half marathon portion of our relay in under 1:40. Our team goal would be sub 3:05 then. So we will all have a good time in Madison. So in review, Paul and Laura are running the full, Chaz and I in the 2 person relay, and Cherylynn in the Quarter Marathon. Yes, the Quarter Marathon, they actually have that event which is quite original I think.

Good Luck to all of you running this weekend! And a Happy Memorial Day to all the Veterans out there. My sincerest thank you to all our men and women who support and protect us everyday.

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Mark said...

Have fun, Bill. Looking forward to the race report.