Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lights Out With AC/DC

It was a nice day today. Mid 60's, sunny, and breezy. I came home from work and decided to go for a 5 miler but this time I took my youngest princess with me. Katelynn usually likes it when we "go running" as she gets to see all around town. I bet the breeze in her face felt good as well.

We took off into the wind for about a mile before we hit the bike trail for another 2 miles. The last mile was back into the wind but we did well maintaining about a 8:50 pace. It is a lot of fun running with partner cheering you on. Well, maybe not cheering on, more like talking, talking, talking . . . Talked about puppies, cars, soccer players, other runners, bikers, clouds, etc. She was holding a small picture her sister drew the entire time looking at it, flapping it around, calling it her ticket. Well, sure enough, just after mile 4, "DADDY, MY TICKET!!!" We backtrack a little and find the drawing and finish our run without anymore issues. And then the great comments afterwards "Daddy, why are you all wet and sweaty?" Innocence.

Last night I went to the Milwaukee Brewers game for the second time this year. Brewers Won, YES! The best part of the game is the top of the 9th when the Brewers are up 3 or less runs. In comes Trevor Hoffman. If you don't know him, he is the all time MLB save leader though this is his first season as a Brewer. As they did in San Diego where he used to play, when he comes in, they dim the lights and the Bells begin from Hells Bells by AC/DC. It is his signature song and it totally gets the entire crowd into the game. They play it loud and the make it a great experience. It has got to really suck to be the opposing team and hear that music. Sure enough, Hoffman comes in a 3 players later, the game is over and the Brewers win. Hoffman's 7th save of the year (update, he got save #8 today).

I also picked the wrong sausage int eh sausage race yet again. Last game I had the Italian and it took last. This time I took Hot Dog and, yes, it took last. It may seem really stupid to all you around the country to see us cheering on sausages in a race, but it is actually quite fun.

Side note: I got my cell phone from my brother when we shared a family plan and I am not one to purchase ring tones so I use whatever he already had and so I use AC/DC's Hells Bells as my ring tone. It is funny that every time I hear that song, I get the feeling like I have a call. Not really, I rarely get calls on my phone nor do I make many calls. Maybe I should have it on more?!?!

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