Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sad and Happy

Today was a very sad and very happy day for my family and I. My Grandmother passed away and went home to be with her LORD and Savior Jesus this morning. She lived a very full, very long life and was loved by tons of people and will be missed. You may recall my post from over 2 years ago titled "Something Special Happened 100 Years Ago" on the day after her 100th birthday. She ended up living for 102 years, 316 days (or if you prefer 37,631 days).

Oma, as she is called by all her Great-Grandchildren, passed peacefully. If you go to the posted linked, you will see a wonderful picture of her and my youngest daughter, Katelynn. Katelynn took the news particularly hard, but then again, Oma is the first person she has ever know to die, at least when she has been old enough to understand.

We celebrate a wonderful woman and a wonderful life.

Keep on Loving!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Upgrade to 5.0

Things are beginning to to improve. Last week I was able to get in 4 pain free miles and then after work today, I was able to get in 5 pain free miles. So far so good.

After about 2 weeks of awesome weather here in Wisconsin, it turned colder and windier today. When I went on my run today, it was 39 and windy out. After 2 miles, I was plenty warm and beginning to sweat, something I enjoyed since I haven't had that many opportunities to do that this winter. It was a spectacular winter this year (that is if you don't like cold and snow) and I had to miss almost all of it from a running perspective. Oh well.

As I mentioned earlier, I am planning on attending the Trailbreaker Marathon this weekend but not running. I hope to cheer on a few of my friends while also advertising the Heatbreaker Half Marathon this summer. This race is very small for a full marathon though the half marathon is OK sized. The full marathon begins a full hour and a half before the half so as of right now, I may plan on running up to 7 miles after the full begins and be back for the start of the half. Then, if the weather is good, I may bring my bike down and try to find my friends along the course.

Things are looking up, but I am cautiously optimistic.

Keep on Running!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bill 3.0

Today saw the upgrade of the program Bill 2.0 to Bill 3.0. I was able to get in 3 miles today after my PT appointment. No Pain. Felt good yet out of shape some.

At PT, I learned some new stretches and ankle strengthening exercises. Apparently it all works together so I need to work low and high to solve this problem.

I go again to PT on Friday, hopefully I can upgrade to Bill 4.0. Obviously the main goal is to get to Bill 26.2

Keep on Running!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby Steps

I have now gotten in 3 runs of 2 miles each. Doesn't sound like a lot but after 8 weeks basically off, it is something. No pain either which is good too. I have a PT appointment tomorrow so maybe she will allow me to bumpup the miles some. I hope so.

I can tell you I have lost some fitness. I feel more winded at the end of a run that I normally would feel. I assume this will go away in a week or so of regular running, but I guess we will see.

I will be missing a marathon that I have run the last 4 years. It is the Trailbreaker Marathon only about 12 miles from my home. It is a cheap race with not many thrills and it is a pretty tough course for about 6 miles (rocky, muddy, and hilly trails) so in the past I have always run this one as a training run. I do have some friends planning on running (Mike, Paul, Chris, Brandi) so i will be there to cheer them on as well as advertise the new Heatbreaker Half Marathon taking place this summer at The Pettit Center.

So the latest report is low miles but no pain. Let's hope this continues, well, not the low miles part, but keep the no pain!

Keep on Running!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pretty Good Day

My day started with a visit to PT. After my leg was thoroughly beat up, I was given the OK to finally run some. She told me only a mile and half today but then 2 miles each day after until my next appointment next Wednesday. With my leg sore from the therapy, I went to work happy with the thoughts of going for a short run after work.

The weather here in Wisconsin has been UNBELIEVABLE. Today it was about 70 and sunny and the 6 day forecast is for a lot of the same. That is insane for March and technically still winter. I think the normal highs for this time of year is the low 40's! I was excited to be able to go out and get my sweat on.

Work was OK today, but if you have read my posts for awhile, you may remember that I love the NCAA Basketball Tourny. Today was the first 'real' day of games and 2 of the teams I follow were playing. Unfortunately they were playing while I was still at work. I was able to download an App for my iPhone and was able to see both Marquette and Wisconsin crush their opponents. Another part of a good day.

It was about 70 when I was able to get out on my run. I was a little worried I would have issues but hopeful that since I wasn't going far at all, that I would be good. I started out fast and felt really good. No problems for mile 1. I did decide to run a 2 mile loop near work so I did an extra 1/2 mile. Don't tell my therapist! Mile 2 was even faster and no issues as well. I ended up running the 2 miles at 7:48 pace but was winded at the end. I lost some for sure but not all.

It was a good run and I am very happy to be back. I am optimistically cautious though. Only 2 miles for the next few days and hope I can increase later next week.

On the recommendation of my therapist, I did go and buy a foam roller today and have started using it. My outer thigh is pretty sore rolling on it but being the first time, I should expect that.

All in all, a pretty good day. I hope your was pretty good as well.

Keep on Running!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

PT #2

I went to the Physical Therapist for the second time today. She really worked the muscles and tendons around my right knee. She sees improvement in the mobility around the knee so that is good new. But she also said no running yet. Hopefully in a week, but I can do walking so I will continue to do that.

A Spring Marathon is not going to be happening this year but she says that I don't need to cancel the possibility of running the Madison to Chicago Ragnar Relay. We will play that one by ear. I would be joining an Ultra Team on that so it really is up in the air.

Next apppointment is Thurday. In the mean tinme, I am stretching and using a rolling pin on my leg. Yeah, Yeah, I should just get the stick.

Keep on Running!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Something I Have Never Done Before

In all my years of life, I have never done this, nor did I ever expect that I would. What is it? I shaved my leg. Well, not both legs, and not my entire leg, but my right leg about 6 inched below and above my knee. I didn't exactly "want" to do this, I sort of did it out of necessity of not wanting pain. Good Reason, right?

My physical therapy on my IT Band began last Wednesday and one of the things my therapist did was put special tape on my leg. Ahhhh, the reason for the shaving. She told me that I would be getting more tape the next few appointments so I may want to shave off the hair. The one piece of tape she put on the first day was enough to get me to comply. I can't imagine why anyone would ever want to wax anything, that hurt like hell having it torn off.

My therapist did feel that I did not have the IT torn which is good news. She did say some things in there were out of place so she will be working on putting them in the right place. Shae felt that I was lucky this didn't happen soon but because I had strong leg muscles, I was able to skate by. Not anymore. I will be allowed to run again pretty soon but only short distances at first. Maybe 1 or 2 miles at a time.

In the mean time, I have begun to do a little walking. Friday evening, my daughter Melissa invited a friend to go ice skating with at the Pettit Center so I decided to go for a little walk. I did a 5K on the track and SMOKED it in just under 48 minutes. LOL Oh well, it was exercise and got me moving so not too bad. I did get another 2 mile walk in Saturday and if I am not allowed to run soon, I may continue this. Not my favorite activity, but it gets me out there, Maybe help with those couple pounds I have gained the last 7 weeks or so since I last ran.

Next appointment for me and my hairless right knee is Monday morning.

Keep on Running!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

I Got A Run In ... Sort Of

It has been an entire 6 weeks since my last run as I am resting my IT Band that caused me issues in the Disney World Marathon. So after church on Sunday, I lace them up and go out in the beautiful 30 degree weather and plan on running 4 miles.

I knew that since I hadn't run in 6 weeks that I must have lost something in the fitness area and I knew that I most likely added a few pounds to my frame since I hadn't added any exercised too. I knew that I might struggle some so I decided to run as easy as my body told me to go. I did put on the Garmin the track the mileage but didn't plan on looking at it until I finished.

Mile 1 feels good and easy. Mile 2 has a nice hill in it but I feel good and easy. At about 2 3/4 miles, I feel something in my right knee right where I had the issue 6 weeks ago but I chalk it up to my brain playing tricks on me. I only wish that were the case because by mile 3 the pain was back and I had to stop by 3 1/4 miles and actually walk in the final 3/4 of a mile.


Seems 6 weeks rest did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help the issue. I am now concerned that this may be more serious that I thought. I have a doctors appointment with a therapist to have it checked out again and have something determined to see what the h--- is the problem.

So I am STILL off running after a 3 mile return.

Keep on Running!!! ( I still plan on returning soon!)