Monday, March 12, 2012

PT #2

I went to the Physical Therapist for the second time today. She really worked the muscles and tendons around my right knee. She sees improvement in the mobility around the knee so that is good new. But she also said no running yet. Hopefully in a week, but I can do walking so I will continue to do that.

A Spring Marathon is not going to be happening this year but she says that I don't need to cancel the possibility of running the Madison to Chicago Ragnar Relay. We will play that one by ear. I would be joining an Ultra Team on that so it really is up in the air.

Next apppointment is Thurday. In the mean tinme, I am stretching and using a rolling pin on my leg. Yeah, Yeah, I should just get the stick.

Keep on Running!!!


Mark said...

Hang in there!!!

Beth said...

I'm so glad to read that you've been able to identify the problem and are making progress. If it is any encouragement, I had major IT Band issues back in 2008. I still have to roll or stretch it, but I haven't had any more pain associated with it. I'm sure you have many more years and many more miles to run. Hope you are back at it soon!