Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sad and Happy

Today was a very sad and very happy day for my family and I. My Grandmother passed away and went home to be with her LORD and Savior Jesus this morning. She lived a very full, very long life and was loved by tons of people and will be missed. You may recall my post from over 2 years ago titled "Something Special Happened 100 Years Ago" on the day after her 100th birthday. She ended up living for 102 years, 316 days (or if you prefer 37,631 days).

Oma, as she is called by all her Great-Grandchildren, passed peacefully. If you go to the posted linked, you will see a wonderful picture of her and my youngest daughter, Katelynn. Katelynn took the news particularly hard, but then again, Oma is the first person she has ever know to die, at least when she has been old enough to understand.

We celebrate a wonderful woman and a wonderful life.

Keep on Loving!!!

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Mark said...

Sorry for your loss my friend. Glad to see you are getting better.