Monday, March 26, 2012

Upgrade to 5.0

Things are beginning to to improve. Last week I was able to get in 4 pain free miles and then after work today, I was able to get in 5 pain free miles. So far so good.

After about 2 weeks of awesome weather here in Wisconsin, it turned colder and windier today. When I went on my run today, it was 39 and windy out. After 2 miles, I was plenty warm and beginning to sweat, something I enjoyed since I haven't had that many opportunities to do that this winter. It was a spectacular winter this year (that is if you don't like cold and snow) and I had to miss almost all of it from a running perspective. Oh well.

As I mentioned earlier, I am planning on attending the Trailbreaker Marathon this weekend but not running. I hope to cheer on a few of my friends while also advertising the Heatbreaker Half Marathon this summer. This race is very small for a full marathon though the half marathon is OK sized. The full marathon begins a full hour and a half before the half so as of right now, I may plan on running up to 7 miles after the full begins and be back for the start of the half. Then, if the weather is good, I may bring my bike down and try to find my friends along the course.

Things are looking up, but I am cautiously optimistic.

Keep on Running!!!

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Beth said...

I'm so glad to read that things are going better! You are making a quick recovery which is wonderful. Enjoy your weekend!