Monday, May 18, 2009

Something Special Happened 100 Years Ago

I did go for a short easy 5 miler today but I am not going to talk about running today.

Sunday was a great day. We had a birthday party for my grandma. It was her 100th birthday party. Technically her birthday is on Tuesday the 19th, but there were a lot of my relatives who flew in for the party. Grandma has obviously been a big part of my family and my life for a long time. I still get together with all my cousins, aunts, uncles and even grandma every Christmas because grandma feels family is that important. It is always a wonderful time. So now we all gathered at the retirement home she lives in for the party. Grandma looked wonderful and seemed to be having a great time. She was given many cards (what gift do you get for a 100 y/o), a bouquet of 100 pink and white roses, and even a jar or 100 Hershey hugs and 100 Hershey kisses.

My princesses seemed to have a good time as well. Even the 3 y/o was not afraid of "Oma" like she usually is with people she is not used to. I think that is because she remembers the name Oma because we pray for Oma every night before bed. It was interesting watching them and how they looked at someone who is so old and how they look at old looking hands and faces. Oma can't hear much at all, in fact you practically have to yell into her ear for her to hear you. Melissa my 7 y/o, was talking to Oma and was being asked what grade she was in. I had to coax her from behind to hold up 1 finger for 1st grade.

We all love Oma very much and feel very blessed that we have had he with us for so long. She is still doing good so we plan on many more years ahead of us.

I was able to see some of my cousins that I have not seen in over 15 years as well. 2 of them have lived in California all their lives and rarely get to Wisconsin to see all of us. It is hard to recognize them as I only see an occasional picture and have maybe seen them a total of 5 times in my entire life. I did talk running with Tommy from CA and he told me he ran the San Francisco Marathon a few years ago. He ran a 3:30 or so, not bad at all, 10 minutes faster than I ever ran a marathon.

So I will end this post the best way I know how today:

Happy 100th Birthday Grandma!

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Mark said...

That is awesome!! Happy birthday to Oma!