Monday, May 11, 2009

Today Good, Tomorrow ?

It is funny how one day you can feel one way and the next feel different. Tonight I ran 5 miles from home and my foot did not hurt, well a little at near mile 1 but it went away. I felt really good out there tonight. I went out with the intention of going easy and in the end, it really was an easy pace, mostly. I ended up with an average of 7:58 per mile. The last mile wasn't really at an easy pace but it was not hard either. I am happy about this run. Not only was it pretty fast for me considering it was an easy pace day, but my foot was better. Maybe tomorrow it will hurt, maybe not. At least today was good.

I feel better about racing again in a week and a half. My plan is o run the Madison Marathon 2 Person Relay. So it will be another half marathon and my goal is to do my leg in under 1:40. I am not sure who will be my partner yet. Could be Paul or it could be Chaz. Both are running the Green Bay Marathon this weekend so they are focusing on that first.

Here are few more pictures from Door County. It is such a beautiful place to visit. I think i will be back up there in late July.

View from the top of the Eagle Tower.

The Princesses at Nicolet Beach with Horseshoe Island in the background.

My favorite Ice Cream place, Wilson's. I have been going here since I was a baby.

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Mark said...

Glad the foot is feeling better. Nice pictures. It looks like you have some precious daughters.