Thursday, May 21, 2009

100th Post

I am going to be completely unorigional here but you can learn a few things about me if you were interested. This is my 100th post on my blog so I am respectfully stealing this idea from Melanie who lovingly stole it from Stephanie who stole it from her sister who stole it from . . . The list goes on and on!

So with no further references, here are 100 unrelated things about Bill:

1 I graduated from Brookfield East High School in WI
2 I graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh
3 I received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Operations Management
4 I ran 4 years on the Track team in High School and in College
5 I ran 2 years on the Cross Country Team in College
6 In High School, I was Conference and Regional Champ in the 800M senior year
7 We used to do a race in practice called "The T-Shirt Relays", that was a lot of fun.
8 The highest I ever place at the conference meet in college was 5th in the 600M
9 After college I joined the Wisconsin Track Club
10 That is where I met my friend Andrew who lives in near Reading, England
11 In 1994, we both PR'ed in the 800 in the same race at Iowa State U
12 Andrew beat me
13 My PR for 800M is 1:56.5
14 My PR for a 5K is 16:56 (On the track)
15 My marathon PR is 3:40:30
16 I have run 17 marathons to date
17 I would like to someday be a member of the 50 States Club
18 I have 7 states down (WI, IL, FL, MN, MO, MI, TX)
19 I love music from the 80's
20 Especially the 1 Hit Wonders (Kajagoogoo, The Hooters, Dexy's Midnight Runner's, etc)
21 My favorite band from the 80's is The Outfield ("Your Love" was their most popular hit)
22 I also really like The Police
23 I finally saw them in concert 2 years ago in Chicago
24 I also really like Mannheim Steamroller (you should check out their non Christmas music sometime)
25 I have always lived in Wisconsin
26 I have lived in Wauwatosa, Brookfield, Oshkosh, Madison, West Allis, and Muskego
27 The winters suck in WI, but they make me a better runner
28 The winters suck in WI, but they make me a tougher person
29 The winters suck in WI, but they build character (at least that is what my parents taught me)
30 My Brother used to live in downtown Chicago, I used to love to stay there for the weekend at his 56th floor apartment
31 I would love to sit on the outdoor balcony at night and listen to the city.
32 I ran the Chicago Marathon twice, one was the meltdown year.
33 I ran the Walt Disney World Marathon twice (one was for The Goof)
34 I love going to Disney World
35 It truly is the Happiest Place on Earth
36 Especially when my Princess was there on her 4th Birthday
37 She rode The Tower of Terror 13 times that trip, her favorite ride.
38 My favorite baseball team is my hometown Brewers
39 They made the playoffs last year for the first time in 26 years and I had tickets
40 I couldn't make the game because it started at 12:30PM the day I ran the Twin Cities marathon 330 miles away.
41 I did not go to the Mall of America on this trip, but have been there a few times. It is a fun place to go.
42 I have been at my current job for almost 15 years
43 I had an internship after college at a company called The Swiss Colony
44 The first car I ever bought myself was a White 1993 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible
45 Currently I drive a 1999 Nissan Sentra with 165K Miles . . .
46 . . . And a 1995 Dodge Grand Caravan MiniVan (over 100K Miles)
47 I really like the mini van with lots of room and upright seats
48 I like to travel though I have not done so too often
49 I have been to 35 different states (My parents will travel to their 50th leaving on Saturday)
50 I have traveled to 2 other countries besides the US (England and Canada) Canada almost doesn't count
51 I spent a week and a half with Andrew and his wife in England in April 2001
52 We could not do any hiking due to Foot & Mouth Cattle Disease.
53 Therefore I was able to see Stonehenge at 40 Miles per Hour
54 I stood up in his wedding in Silver Spring, Maryland
55 His bachelor party was a blast
56 4 Brits, 3 Americans, and 1 Scot all drinking lots of international beer
57 I do not drink often but did have a nice Schneiderweise
58 I love eating Italian food
59 Chinese is pretty good as well
60 I was told in college by a professor that I would be a good Actuary
61 I missed the boat on that one, high pay, low stress
62 I don't read nearly as much as I should
63 I do read the Sunday paper every week
64 I do have subscriptions to Runner's World and Readers Digest
65 I plan on reading he entire Bible in one of those 3 year plans.
66 I have a good faith in God and Jesus though not as much as I probably should
67 I have never really read the Bible or studied I so I am looking forward to this plan
68 My current favorite passage is Isaiah 40:31. Don't know it? Look it up!
69 My Princesses go to a parochial school so I want to set a good example
70 I am organizing a Kid's Marathon for my kids school and other schools
71 My favorite TV shows are Survivor and The Amazing Race
72 I would love to actually be on The Amazing Race someday
73 I also liked the short lived reality show The Mole
74 For a few years, I hosted a party at my house where we "played" Survivor
75 I created interesting challenges and people voted others out just like the show
76 Now the annual party is more of a game for points and no set time to arrive or leave
77 This way I can play and still create new fun and crazy challenges
78 I give out a travelling trophy to the top Male and Female points earner
79 I did Karaoke once but it was with a group of 4
80 I do NOT sing well and have been told this before, even by my Princesses
81 I like to go camping, I have a pop up trailer
82 My favorite place to camp is Peninsula State Park in Door County, WI
83 There are quaint little towns in Door County and beautiful bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan's Green Bay
84 My favorite Pro Football team is my home state Green Bay Packers
85 I have been to only one game in Historic Lambeau Field but did get to see Brett Favre play that game
86 I have bumped into 2 different national celebrities in my life
87 I saw John Tesh at Centennial Park in Atlanta during the Olympics
88 I saw Hulk & Brook Hogan at a Mini Golf/Human Maze in Panama City Beach, FL
89 I am completely unimpressed with the Hogans and I feel they are useless
90 My brother broke my rib when I was a freshman in HS, during Church
91 I re-broke it sneezing a month or so later
92 Later that day I rode for 1 hour on a bumpy school bus to a track meet, hurt like hell
93 To this day, if I sneeze, I still grab my side where the rib broke out of habit
94 The last soda I drank was in March or 2008
95 I drink a lot of water now but really like hot cocoa
96 At home I drink Kool-Aid. A lot of sugar but no acids
97 I am pretty sure that if I ever lost the use of my legs, I would find a way to still compete somehow
98 Other sports I enjoy are Volleyball and Golf
99 The blogging thing has been fun and I hope to meet some of you in person someday
100 I hope my blogs are beneficial to some people and I hope you enjoy reading.

There you have it, Bill in a nutshell. Some people would prefer me in one!


Mark said...

I enjoyed this post!! I laughed about your thought on the Hogans...funny!!

Melanie said...

What a fun post! I've been behind on blogs lately so I just now read like your last 10 posts. Glad to read them! And when you say The Swiss Colony, do you mean the company who makes all the yummy Christmas goodies? I order from them every year.