Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today was an off day from running, at least so I thought. Once this afternoon came and all my girls were napping, I decided I needed a run. I didn't need a run for training and a day off would have felt really good, but I NEEDED a run. I had a ton on my mind and decided the best thing to do was to run. So I set out on a 5 miler that steadily increased in pace. It was nice out, maybe 30 and sunny, a touch of wind. I ran to a park that was close by that had a loop a little over 1 mile and then back home. By the time I was about a half mile from home, I was just tearing up the road. I do not know what my pace was as I left without my watch but I didn't care, that wasn't why I was out there.

It is amazing the therapy that running offers. I have gotten some of my best ideas and problems worked out while running. I even "wrote" the speech for my best friends wedding toast on a run. Unfortunately, I didn't solve anything today. I really wish I had.


Running Diva Mom said...

I love getting lost with my thoughts on my runs....even if nothinhg gets solved during those miles. Its good for u for a number of reasons. Hooe u felt better afterwards! :)

Beth said...

I agree, running is great therapy. While I love running with friends, if I notice if I don't get a solo run in for a while that I really start to miss it. Glady you are doing so well after your races.