Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Little Scare!

I didn't feel all that good this morning. It felt hot and my muscles were a little sore. I was thinking I was coming down with either a fever or a cold, and I may just be doing that, I hope not though. Then I was thinking of all the reasons on why I would be sore. It could be that a cold is coming on. It also could be from my run yesterday in the snow. I had to go real slow and run a lot on the snow at the side of the road to stay far away from cars. That could be it. Then it also could be too much Wii. You see, Santa brought a Wii System to the house and I have been playing it ALL OF THE TIME. We only have the 2 games that it come with (Sports & Sports Resort) but some of those games really work the arm muscles I don't use often. I think that may be the culprit.

My eyes were having that "cold coming on" feel to them and since I was a little sore today, I wimped out on my planned 3 mile run after work. I did have a Volleyball game scheduled so i wasn't too concerned. Extra rest right now shouldn't be a bad thing this close to and from a marathon. OS Volleyball was going fine until I went up for a block (or a spike, I don't remember) and my right foot landed on a lady on my teams foot and I turned my ankle. the first thought I had was "Oh Crap, there goes my marathon this weekend". But I got up quickly, excused myself from the game and began walking on it to keep it loose. Turns out it was a minor turn and nothing is strained or sprained but I still do feel a little twinge down there. It should be all good though. I have no plans on not running on Sunday.

So a little scare has been averted and now only 5 days until the Icebreaker Marathon. I love this race so I am really looking forward to it.


misszippy said...

Whew! Glad it turned out ok.

Beth said...

I always get nervous before a race that someone will bump or hurt me. I'm so glad that you are okay! Good luck!

Indigo said...

Good luck on Sunday! I'm working the water table in the morning, I'll do my best to cheer you on!