Saturday, January 22, 2011

Icebreaker Day One - Quickly

I got homer a little bit ago from the first day of the Icebreaker Marathon, Half Marathon & Marathon Relay. My feet are very tired and a bit sore from walking and standing most of the day helping out here, there, and everywhere. I think that a sub 4 will be almost impossible for me tomorrow. I will try though but I feel like I already ran at least a half marathon today.

Some quick hi-lights from today. The half marathon was very fast this morning. The winner was Eamon McKenna who finished in 1:09:25. He was FLYING. And a side note, he ran his college days at UW-Oshkosh where I ran. He was attended about 6 years after I graduated though. In all, 4 runners broke 1:20.

The marathon relay was a riot like last year. I mean really fun to watch and I am guessing, participate in. If you thought Eamon was running fast, 2 teams were going even faster. The winning team finished in 2:16:57. And just as impressively, 6 teams ran faster than 2:30 including another team made up of former runners from, you guessed it, UW-Oshkosh.

I do want to say Thanks to Erin for stopping by and saying "hi". She says she has been reading my blog "quietly"for awhile and wanted to introduce herself. She was running the relay herself. Hope you had fun, Erin!

I am going to sleep real soon now. I only got 4 to 5 hours the last 2 nights.

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