Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Icebreaker Beginith

Tonight was packet assembly for the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon. A bunch of us gathered at the Pettit Center upstairs and filled over 800 bags with all the stuff the runner will get including their shirt(s). It took a long time but it was still fun.

Just before we started, I was able to get on the track and do my usual final 3 miles run before a marathon. I ran 11 laps total with the first 6 at about 8:20 pace and then the final 5 laps at closer to 7:15 pace. I like to get that last fast short run in before a race so my legs don't feel sluggish and when I run, they feel like I am just going slow, when in fact I am going faster. Does that make sense? It does to me, I think.

On the way home from Pettit, I got on the Interstate and proceeded to immediately have a flat tire. UUGGHH. It was VERY cold out, I think zero, and there was a wind, not to mention all the cars flying past at 60MPH. It was also the tire that was on the traffic side of the car. Luckily a sheriff was close and tried to help but the tire would not budge. It was REALLY stuck, even the sheriff could budge it. I ended up calling AAA and waited about a half hour for them to arrive to finally get my tire off. Did I mention I had on my running shoes with very little warmth to them. My toes were very cold.

But now I am home and ready to go to sleep. Tomorrow is the Icebreaker 5K, not sure what I am doing to help out as of yet. Most likely in packet pick up since I sort of figured out where all the bags were put. I also need to get the car tire fixed and pick up supplies for the Icebreaker. I guess tomorrow is full.

If I don't post until after Sunday, good luck to anyone who reads this that is doing the Icebreaker this weekend. Find me and say hi! And also, cheer on the Packers on Sunday!


The Turtle said...

Sorry about the flat tire - I hate when that happens.

Good luck with your indoor marathon. I can't imagine running that many loops.

Melanie said...

Oh goodness! How crazy! I would have been miserable.

Erin said...

Hope your race goes well on Sunday! My friends and I are running the relay today. How will you be helping with that one. Have been a quiet reader of your blog for awhile. Thanks for all the running talk!

Running Diva Mom said...

I hope that today went well with all of the festivities! So sorry I missed it. And hoping that you are able to rest up for your big day tomorrow! YIPEE! :)