Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Year in Preview

I have gone on a 2 runs so far this year and in brand new shoes as well. Today it was also in my brand new running tights because it was 16F outside. I bought the same shoes as before, Saucony Kinvara. I really like these shoes and they work well for me so I will continue to use them.

So what is in store for 2011? I do have a few races I am already signed up for as well as many I want to run. I want to continue to keep my mileage up as it seems to work for me. I ran just over 1600 miles last year so if I don't have to take a break for for the tendinitis in my knee or any other issues that may arise, I may try to reach 1700 miles this year with lots during the summer.

Here is what I am already signed up for, the year starts out very fast:

January 8th is the Mississippi Blue Marathon in Jackson, MS with Paul & Mike.
January 9th is the First Light Marathon in Mobile, AL also with Mike and Paul. I know it is crazy to try 2 marathons on consecutive days but I did it 2 years ago with Paul and we get to mark off 2 states when we are done.

January 23rd is the InStep Icebreaker Indoor Marathon in Milwaukee, WI. It will be after only 2 weeks rest after the MS/AL double but I love this marathon. Definitely one of my favorites and I have done all of them so far. There is nothing like running a marathon when there is possibly a snow storm outside.

In March I will possibly run the Trailbreaker Marathon in Waukesha, WI again as a training run. I don't ever really have plans to "race" this one but it is cheap and close to home and I can get a full marathon into my total while running a training run.

In April, I will most likely run the Gary's Gallop 5K again. A friend of mine is the race director and he puts on a really nice race. Plus there is a 1 lap around the track free kids race my girls like to run and they get a ribbon for participating.

In May I have lots of choices. I could run the Door County Half Marathon, my favorite half marathon to date. I may also run the Lake Geneva Euro Cross Race around the lake. This is run the same time the full and half marathons are run but this is on a trail the goes along the entire shore line of the lake and is about 21 miles long.

In May, I could run the Wisconsin Marathon, LaCrosse Marathon, Eau Claire Marathon, or Green Bay Marathon, all in Wisconsin and all on my list to do someday.

I don't have many plans of longer races in the summer as I want to build up endurance with lots of miles. I will possibly do quite a few shorter races, maybe 5K for speed. I will also be planning the 3rd annual WELS Kids Marathon over the later spring and summer. I may do the Full Moon Half Marathon in August again too. I liked that one.

In the fall, I will plan on 2 full marathons again. Some I have my eye on are the Souix Falls Marathon in South Dakota, the Louisville Marathon, the Des Moines Marathon in Iowa, and the Columbus Marathon in Ohio.

I am contemplating a return to Nashville for the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon. This is a great marathon and if I can swing it, I will go back.

I am also going to volunteer my time as the cross country coach for the girls at my daughters school if they will have me.

I know this is actually in 2012, but in the very first week. I am trying to save up to take the girls to Disney World and while there, I will run the Goofy Challenge and the girls may run the Disney World 5K.

So that is all I know for now. Plans are always changing so keep tuned it to see what ends up happening.

Happy Running to all of you!

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