Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Light Mobile Marathon

Just another quick note on results for Marathon #2. I ended up running a 4:37:18. My legs are totally trashed right now and I am sure I will take quite a frew days off now. I do have 2 weeks until the next marathon. Holy Crap and I insane?!?! I need to stop this garbage.

I started slow and the let up some today. No, all kidding aside, after 5 miles, my legs figured I wasn't kidding about running 2 days in a row and settled in. I slowed in the second half but never bonked or "crashed and burned". Met lots of poeple through the race and was able to pick it up over the last 3 miles to not get a PW.

I will try to get the race reports in early in the week so stay tuned.

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