Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Last Short Run

I did my final run before the weekend double marathon. Mike & I went for a short 3 miler where we picked up the pace on the last 1.5 miles. It was a little snowy out with near a 1/2 inch of snow on the ground making it a little difficult to keep up a fast pace at the end. With every step, the feet would slip just a little. We did finish with a 7:35 last mile, but I think we use the effort of a 7 flat.

Disaster almost came my way after I changed and walked to the car. I slipped and almost went down hard tossing my bag to the ground to help keep my balance. I twisted my back just a bit but I think it is just fine. Close call.

Friday is travel day and tomorrow is a day off so now it is time to go off to Mississippi and Alabama.

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Mark said...

Have fun...can't wait to hear reports!