Monday, January 17, 2011

In the Snow

We got some snow today. Not a lot, at least by northern standards, I think about 6 inches. Yeah, Atlanta would be paralyzed for like a month, but we take it in stride.

So today was a double workout. After work, I did a slushy 4 miles while it was snowing pretty good. It was 29F out so I was in shorts. I am sure the people in the cars thought I was crazy but it was actually very warm. Then when I got home, I had to shovel the driveway. One of these years I am going to get a snow blower. Until then, a shovelling I will go.

The Icebreaker Marathon is this Sunday and I feel like I am recovering really well from the double 8 days ago. Since I am on the committee, it will be a very busy time over the next few days. Thursday is packet assembly. Friday is packet pick up and the 5K Run. Saturday is 2 half marathon races (7:00 & 9:30AM) and then a marathon relay a little after noon. Sunday at 8:00AM is the full marathon.

I am going to hope that all runners finish quickly though I am sure that won't happen. You see, the Green Bay Packers play in the NFC Championship game starting 6 hours after the marathon begins. While I am sure I will be done by then, I was planning on staying until all the racers were done.

Good luck to any of you if you are running any of the Icebreaker races this weekend.
Here are a few quick pictures from the Mississippi Blues Marathon of Paul, Mike & I finishing.

I was so glad that the time began with a 3!

Mike finishing pretty strong.

Paul finishes not long after Mike.

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