Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back on the Road - Quickly

Yesterday was my first run after the Icebreaker. Yes, I only took 2 days off, Monday and Tuesday. I also ran today. Both days I ran a little over 5 miles over the hills loop near my work. The incredible thing is that I felt really good! Why is that?

I think it is very similar to training. If you run only one day, the next day may be hard to get going. If you run regularly and run 10 days in a row, the next day really isn't all that hard to run. I think I have trained my body to recover faster. I actually feel like I could run another marathon again this weekend, that is if I wanted to, I don't. But I may do 10 miles.

So I am back to running and feeling good. But I still have no definite plans on any races yet. Running Diva Mom suggests I run the Madison Half Marathon over Memorial Day Weekend. I have run the full, the 4 person relay and the 2 person relay but never the half there. Maybe, just maybe, this will be my year.

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