Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Little Warmer Today

Today was a good run. I went to Pettit to run 2 hours with Paul. I got there before him and started ahead of him. 5 laps in and Paul joined me as we went at an easy pace of 2:24 to 2:28 per lap (8:44 to 8:58 per mile). I did not want to go any faster so I stayed relaxed and clipped off the laps taking water at 5 and 10 miles and only taking a break when the played the National Anthem for the Speedsketers.

It was the National Long Track Speedskating Championships going on. This was fun to watch. It wasn't the long track speedskating you see in the Olympics, but rather 6 to 8 people skating at one time in heats and finals. The races that went on during the time I was running was either little kids or the 55 to 59 age group or better yet, the over 70 age group. These guys can really skate fast!

As I was approaching the half marathon point, I decided I was going to do the last mile faster. I picked up each of the last 4 laps until the final mile was at a time just under 7:00 (I think). It felt good to go this fast at the end.

After the run, Paul and I went to the Great Lakes Multisport and Running Expo. My Chiropractor had given me 2 passes so we went to check it out. Pretty good stuff and I was able to get a free 10 minute chair massage from the same lady who gave me my sports massage a few weeks ago. That felt good. I was also able to talk to a guy who gave me some advise on how to not "Bonk" in my marathons. He suggested some carbohydrate gel packs for 2 days and 1 day before the marathon. Also some different Gels for during the race with more protein. I think I will try this before and during the next race and see how I works. Now I just have to remember what it exactly was. (I didn't have anything to write on).

I came home and soon after that it was nap time for the Princesses. After nap though it was time for some fun. It was a warm day here in Wisconsin, at least warm compared to the recent weather. It got into the Mid 30's so I took the Princesses with me for a little sledding fun. We have 1 inflatable sled and 1 long toboggan. The girls had a blast and it was nice because it wasn't too cold. We will definitely have to this this again soon.

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Mark said...

Let me know how the gels work, I'd like to try that before my next race. I loved going sledding with my kids. Fond memories! My youngest broke his arm once. I was in trouble when I got home!