Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Good Tempo Run

I decided today to go on a Tempo Run. I ran the same 5 mile hills loop I usually run after work during the winter and it was about 15 to 20 F when I started. There was no wind and there was still some light when I started. I left at a good clip, faster that a normal run and went through 1 mile in 7:48. I was worried this was a little too fast to start as I still have to get to the hills. Mile 2 had 2 hills but I had increased my pace to a 7:34 mile. I still was worried that I couldn't keep up the pace fro the entire 5 miles especially since mile 3 was mostly up hill. No fear, I finished that mile in 7:45. mile 4 started with a huge down hill section, too steep to actually run fast on but downhill none-the-less. Then up and down some more and finished this mile in 7:33. Now I was feeling good and after a few seconds waiting at the stop light, I completed mile 5 in 7:28. Then the final 0.1 of a mile in just under 7:00 pace for an average pace of 7:36. Again, I was very pleased with the workout and am gaining some confidence for the next 2 marathon which are a mere 2 1/2 weeks away.

Surfside is on a beach so it is very flat. Austin is a different story. Over the first 17 miles, the course climbs 450 feet (I think) before it drops back down for the finish. I don't think I will be in much of a finishing kick at Austin but downhill should help.

Paul and I are planning a 2 hour run or a bit longer this weekend so maybe we will get in up to 15 miles. Art has been training in Austin so it looks like he is preparing well for the marathon. Larry is planning on doing 18 this weekend so he is going to start his taper just after that. Should be a good time in Texas. While I am looking forward to the fun of the marathons, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was mostly looking forward to being done with both.

Keep up the good running everyone!


littlesack said...

awesome mile splits! Good luck on the upcoming races

Mark said...

Great tempo run! Way to take those hills. Have a good long run.

Arthur Vance said...

Your post inspired me to push my last mile today! It was 60 F, but I hit a sub 8 pace on that last mile.

Only a couple of weeks to go!