Saturday, January 10, 2009

1 week until the Icebreaker

This morning I went to Pettit to run a quick 8 miles run as my last longer run before the Icebreaker. IT was an easy run and I averaged 8:36 per mile, a bit faster than I plan on running next Saturday. I did run a few laps with Chris (Icebreaker Race Director) and we talked about the plans for next weeks race and other good running stuff. I found out that because this race is on an oval, it is measured differently that a normal road marathon. Not sure why the USATF does this but it is their rule.

Mike and Paul ran the first leg of the Goofy Challenge today. The first leg of the race is the half marathon. They both ran really good a time with Mike running a 1:26 and Paul running a 1:35. This is a PR for Paul by over 6 minutes so he ran really well. Let's hope they both didn't use too much energy as they will run the full marathon in the morning. Good Luck to them.

By the way, it was my oldest Princesses birthday today. She is now 7. Last night she had 3 of her friends over for a sleep over. They stayed up late and talked too loud but that is how 6 and 7 year-olds play. As I left this morning at 6:45, they were already awake talking. they all had fun and no one was hurt so a good time was had by all.

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