Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It is cold outside today. The temperature right now on the thermometer at home is -10 F and who know how cold the wind chill is. Brrrrrrrr.....Last night when I was clearing the driveway quickly, my face hurt from the cold. But the car started this morning so off to work I went. Did I mention my car has no heat? There is something wrong and I am not sure what it is but I usually tolerate it since the car has close to 140K miles. It started after work to go home so all is OK.

No running today. Only 2 days until the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon. Actually, since I am writing this in the evening, it is more like 35 hours from now. Physically I am ready for the run. I did a quick 3 miles yesterday before a Chiropractic Appt. and that went well. My back lets me run and my wrist is no problem running. They say to get a lot of rest and have no stress to have the best results. Well . . . I . . .I had a good 3 miles yesterday.

I haven't slept much recently as I have been going to work very early and working late. Stress is very high at work as well. We are about to go live with an new ERP system and I am the main production scheduler there so I am involved heavily in the implementation. We are doing testing now and it isn't going as well as I would like it to so it is giving me a lot of stress. A nice hard run would help out a lot so I guess I will have to wait until Saturday for that. Yesterday, I left for work at 5:30 AM and did not get home until 10:30 PM. I wasn't at work the entire time, I did get in 3 miles indoor at Pettit, have a Chiropractic Appt, go grocery shopping, and go to a 2 hour meeting at Church. Our Church is planning an expansion to the school and since I donate to the expansion fund, I like to know what is being planned and give my input if needed. I just sat, watched and listened this time. Should be a cool expansion when done, at least Phase 1. My 3 princesses will all be going to the school, the oldest is already there in 1st grade, the 2nd will be in Kindergarten next year, and the little one will be there 2 years after that.

This is also the school in which I am planning and organizing a Kids Marathon for. I don't remember if I mentioned this before but it should be a cool program for the kids. I will take time later and explain the plans and maybe ask you if you have any ideas to help out.

Anyways, see you most likely after the race. I hope to have some pics. Keep Warm.


Mark said...

Hope the work project smooths out. 140K! Man I hope I can get that outta' mine..heater or not.
Hope you can get some rest, too, before the race. Sounds like a real fun race.

nwgdc said...

I'll see you there! We may be long lost twins...

My car has no heat and 195,000 on it.

I AM a Chiropractor, and got adjusted yesterday.

I'm nuts enough to run the Icebreaker also.

I'll be wearing the Neon Yellow "NF Endurance Team" shirt.