Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Interesting News

As I was reading my daily dose of Runner's World online, I came upon an article in the racing news section about a marathon that is 94 laps. Sound familiar? It was about The Icebreaker Marathon at Pettit on Jan. 17th. This article linked to the entire article posted on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel site. (See it here). The best part of the article is that is is quoting my coach from college, John Zupanc. That is how I found out that he is running as well. I emailed him immediately and talked about the race we are both doing. He has done over 50 marathons in his life including 20 Bostons.I think his personal best is around 2:21 or close to that but at 55 years old, he still cruises at 3:04 this past fall.

Anyways, it was cool to see the article about the race on Runner's World and even better to see my coach in it.

Went to the chiropractor today to get my back checked out after my fall on the ice yesterday. He took an X-ray and my spine was twisted some from the fall. He did an adjustment and things are starting to heal. My wrist is still sore but mobility is improving. The sprain and contusion will take awhile to heal. My first planned run will be on Friday but it looks good to continue the marathon quest.

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