Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Split Second Later

I decided after work on Tuesday to go on an easy 4 miler since I was starting the Taper for the Icebreaker. It was about 30 F outside and a light snow falling. A nice winter's evening for a run. I set out at a nice easy pace and off I went. About 9/10th of a mile into the run, a little disaster hit. I had just started running on a sidewalk in Rochester, when I stepped on a lightly snow covered patch of ice. This was very slick ice and my feet flew forward and up and the rest of by body flew down. I first hit my left hand on the ice/sidewalk followed by my left elbow. Then I hit the left side of my back pretty hard. I am not sure if I hit my head or not but that didn't hurt much. I was laying down in the ice for about 3 to 4 minutes in pain while I tried to figure out how to get up and to a little check of myself for injuries. I finally rose and walked a little then jogged very slowly back to my work because it was a bit painful to run.

I knew the left side of my back was hurt some. It was the lower part and it seemed to be the muscle. Maybe I had landed hard on it and it spasmed some? I knew my left elbow was bruised but not more than that. My left wrist at first feeling just sore but as I drove home, it kept getting worse and the mobility kept getting less. After a quick bite to eat I was off to the Urgent care in town to have it looked at in case I had broken it.

I see the doctor and he check it out and most of the wrist is OK but some pain when I move it in certain ways. Then he checked my hand and we found a very painful area . It is the left hand inside part opposite the thumb. Very tender to the touch. So he orders some X-rays. X-rays come back and the good news is that nothing is broken. The bad news is there is nothing they can do to help it. I end up with a (I think he called it this) bone contusion and a bad sprain. Good News!

Today I plan on making an appointment with my chiropractor to check out my back and see if my lower back pain is spinal related or not. Hopefully just some soreness from landing on it and it will only take a few days to go away but we will see.

So that was my adventure for yesterday. I can check off another 1 1/2 miles of running and now I can be on a forced taper as I am going to take a couple days off from running. I don't think this will stop me from running in the Icebreaker at this time. Hopefully all the injuries won't affect my running or will be minimal while running. Stay tuned to find out.

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