Saturday, January 24, 2009

A little lazy today

After work yesterday, I went on a nice 5 mile run over the hills loop again. I was a little ambition and ran at a 8:10 pace. It felt good to go a little faster and to work the big hill more. It was a very needed run as work was tough again for the day. Running is the best stress relief I know of.

This morning I woke up to go running at 6AM. The problem was that I was a bit tired and lazy and I ended up just laying back down and sleeping for 2 more hours. I justified this in my mind that since I just ran a marathon 1 week ago, I could take the day off from a longer run. It is easy to justify these things when you are in a warm bed and are still tired. I must stop doing this if I want to improve my times.

I am going to leave this a short post today. Have a good weekend everyone!

1 comment:

Mark said...

Great five miler! Nothing wrong justifying when you are right! You did just run a marathon , in a good time, too. Have a great Sunday!