Saturday, March 21, 2009

Warriors and Titans and Badgers Oh My!

Today called for a long run so up early I was. Paul picked me up at 6:15 an off to East Troy we went to meet Mike. We were planning on doing the single looper and I was going to add some miles after the loop. Paul was only going to do the 1 loop and Mike was maybe going to go further if his knee didn't bother him. He was also going to run faster leaving Paul and I behind.

It was cool in the morning but not cold, about 35 F. I was a little cold at the start but after 1/2 mile, i was plenty warm. We all ran the first 2 miles together but then Mike pulled away and Paul crept ahead of me. I wasn't feeling to good the first 6 miles but still averaged 8:50 pace. Paul was about 2 minutes ahead of me at the turn and Mike was way up there. After 6 I started to feel better so I picked up the pace. Now my miles were down to the lower 8's but once again, Paul pulled further and further ahead as he picked up the pace to near 7:30. Up and down the hills and I kept feeling good and I even had 2 miles in there that were Sub 8:00. I saw Mike and Paul a little after 12 miles and told them I had 3 1/2 to go and I would see them back at Mike's house. they ended up only doing 14 but that was good since Mike's knee was OK and Paul did more than he expected. The last 2 miles I did were 8:15's and i finished the last 10 miles averaging 8:07. I was very pleased by this and did the whole 16 miles at 8:25 average. Can someone now tell me why I can't break 4 hours!?!?!?

I had to go to bed early last night so I missed most of the Wisconsin (Badgers) game. I heard it was great as they beat Florida State in OT. Now they play on Sunday afternoon. Coincidentally, the play in Boise, ID at the same place that Marquette (Warriors {Golden Eagles}) plays at. The good news is that I can see both games. Both are underdogs but I will still cheer them on.

It ended up being a great day today. About 60 and sunny. I took the opportunity to get on the roof and take down the Christmas Lights. They weren't icicle lights so they weren't too noticeable but it was time to get them down. It is amazing how much easier it is to take them down as to put them up. After this, I took the princesses to the track again to run around. Melissa (7 y/o) ran another mile in 4 segments and even ran 1 lap in 2:05. We celebrated her PR!

One last thing I forgot to mention this week. My Alma Mater, UW-Oshkosh Titans, won the Division 3 Indoor Track and Field Championships this past weekend. They actually tied for the title, but it is a title none-the-less. It was the first team track title for the Men at UW-O. Congratulations to them!

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Mark said...

Man, that is a great run! You can break four for sure!! We've got some good ball to watch today! Win or lose it's always exciting. I sure was hoping Duke would get beat!! The Big 12 is suddenly dropping like flies, besides OU.
My wife practically has to beat me to get me to put up lights. I respect you my friend!!