Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Amazing Race?

Just a quick post. I am a fan of the TV show "The Amazing Race". I don't know if you watch it or not but it is teams of 2 racing around the world doing crazy things all for $1 million. Well, in the last episode, the teams needed to pick 1 member to run a "Siberian Marathon" They were in Russia and 1 person had to strip down to their "Skivvies" and run 1.4 miles in -4 C to the next part of the race. They kept calling it a 1.4 mile marathon. Since when is 1.4 miles considered a marathon? I don't care if it is -4 C (which is what, about, what, 24 F?). I run in that temperature all the time (not in my skivvies though). I really think I could PR in that marathon though.

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