Thursday, March 12, 2009

The First (Annual?) Kids Marathon

OK, I hinted a few times about how I am organizing a Kids Marathon for my Children's school. We only had our first committee meeting yesterday to go over some ideas the overall concept. Lots of work to do.

Maybe you have seen some of these race at other marathons. I know that I saw them at the Twin Cities Marathon and the Grand Rapids Marathon plus some friends told me about how they do it also at The Country Music Marathon. So by no means do I try to let others think this is my own original idea.

The kids do run an entire marathon, but no worries, they do it over a long period of time. The program will start in Mid-May before the end of school. Kids will be able to sign up for a small fee. They will receive a T-Shirt for signing up hat will have the logo we come up with and all the information needed. The kids will then have all summer to run (or walk) 25.2 miles in as small as 1/4 mile increments. With the help of their parents, they will full out a log sheet marking how far they have run/walk. Since this is a school activity, there is another component of this race. The kids will also be required to read 26 books or short stories before the final race. Books will be age appropriate and chosen bu the kids (so they don't have to read 26 books the size of Harry Potter). The final 1 mile race will take place 2 to 3 weeks into the new school year. This final race will be very similar to how we all know a real marathon is like. Music and festivities before and after the race. Good foo to eat and drinks to consume afterwards. They will also receive a finishers medal right after they finish the last mile. While this is a race and will be conducted like one, it will be stressed that EVERYONE is a winner just for finishing. This is a basic overview of the race but I have many other ideas that we as a committee have come up with but do not know if we will do. Here are some of them:
-Each Kids also receives a book or writing journal upon finishing
-Each Kid gets a Finishers Certificate they can hang on their walls
-Weekly Family runs at a local park, each week themed. Like "How the Stretch Properly", "Good Eating Habits" or "What Books Have You Read"
-Kids Contest to name the Race
-Someone takes pictures during the race and each Kid received 1 after the race
-A Banner will be created to be hung at the school with the name of the race and all the names of the kids who participated.

We have many more ideas but not sure if we are allowed to do them. One is for sponsors to help keep the cost down. I was just talking about the idea to a friend and he liked the idea so much, he offered sponsor without even being asked.

So that is the Big Kids Marathon idea. What do you think? I think we can pull it off and we will try to do out best. If you have any cool ideas, please leave me a comment, I would love to hear them.


Mark said...

I think it's a great idea! It instills two important aspects of life- Being a learner and living a healthy lifestyle! This will be big! Good luck

littlesack said...

what a great idea! I've never heard of anything like that. Interested to see where this takes you.