Thursday, March 19, 2009

Continuing to Plan

There was no running today. I plan on doing 5 tomorrow and then a long run this weekend with Mike and Paul. Most likely this will be a single looper and then add a smaller loop to make it about 16 miles.

We are still in the planning stages of the Kids Marathon. I just wrote a letter that will be distributed to the other schools that we are inviting to join the program. I am curious how many other schools are willing to participate. We are requiring that a person from each school be the point person for that school and also to do all the promoting and registering for their school while our committee will not only do all this for our school, but also plan the final race, order all the T-Shirts, Medals, and anything else needed for the final race. We will also give advise and suggestions to the other schools on things such as Evening Family Runs, etc. I am hoping at least a few other schools join and we make this a success for years to come.

we are trying to do a good thing here. Our goal is to promote healthy physically active children as well a healthy mind. I wonder how many of the parents will do all the activities along side their kids. Maybe just maybe we will get some parents to get more physically fit as well.

Anyways, have a good weekend. I will be cheering for Marquette on Friday and hopefully Sunday as well.

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Mark said...

I can see good things happening out of this race. Good luck with it all.
It was 14 years ago Mizzou lost to UCLA in Boise on Tyus Edny's buzzer beater. That was the year UCLA went on to win the tourney!
What a heart breaker! Go Mizzou!! Good luck Marquette! LOL