Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Few More Runs

I am still having computer problems. I have out IT department looking into it but it is making work extremely difficult when my laptop is not working properly. Hopefully all will be fixed soon.

To catch up, I ran on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. Monday and Wednesday, I went on easy runs of 5 miles each. Monday at 8:40 pace and Wednesday at 8:27 pace. Today felt pretty easy but I think it did because of my Tuesday workout. I did a Tempo Run on Tuesday and it always seems easier to run faster the day after a Tempo run. Tuesday I did 5 miles of tempo. The first mile was not too fast at 8:07, then I picked it up for the last 4 miles and finished with an average pace of 7:38 for the 5 miles. I was quite tired at the end, but this is only the start of the marathon training I am re-beginning.

I have written before that I don’t plan on running a spring marathon (except maybe a long training run marathon). I want to concentrate more this spring and summer on getting my easy pace faster while increasing my endurance. I have had problems in recent marathons with finishing strong. I know I “can” run a marathon strong, I did run sub 4 in October 2006 and a 3:43 in October 2007 but I haven’t since then. Then calorie build up and AccelGel I did before and during the Heart of Texas Challenge seemed to help so I will go with that again, but I also need to be able to run longer at a faster pace. My initial goal for this fall will be to break 4 hours again but also possibly drop the time down to 3:45. We will have to see how the training goes before I refine those goals anymore.

Next Wednesday is my first committee meeting on the Kids Marathon I am organizing. I really want to tell you all about it and maybe pick your brains for ideas. I will tell you all about it soon.

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Mark said...

Really good times for your runs! A 3:43 is a great time! I think you are right about getting the overall pace faster. Thanks for the tip about how to carry during the marathon.