Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Single Looper

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement for the Kids Marathon. I hope it goes as well as I see it in my mind.

This morning I met up with Mike at his place for a "Single Looper" run. It is a pretty hilly run but we planned on going easy. Mike has had an injury to his knee since the Goof so he didn't know if he would be able to go the entire way but he was going to try. It was a nice crisp 28 F with the sun just coming up so it was great weather. We both wore shorts which I know must make people driving by just shake their heads, but it was warm enough for us and we knew it would get a little warmer as we went along.

We started out easy for the first 6 miles averaging 8:46. I had planted some water for us by a sign so we stopped for a bit and drank up. After we got going again, we decided to pick it up a little. The pace is still really easy for Mike since he can run a marathon in under 3 hours but he wanted to go easy on his knee. The pace dropped for the next few miles to 8:25 pace up and down some hills. At mile 10, Mike tells me his knee is starting to twinge some but to keep it going. We drop that mile to 8:07. Now Mike tells me his knee is hurting and he is going to stop when we get to the stop sign about 1/3 mile from his house. I decide to pick it up and try to finish fast. I also tell Mike I am going to do a lap around his neighborhood to make the run an even 12 miles. I really wanted to make that last mile a sub 8:00 as well. Good News, it was a 7:22 so all was good.

After the run, we talk with his wife and kids while he shows me their picture book from their trip to Disney. It really made me want to go back again. i am sort of a big Disney fan and love going to Disney World. Their book was really cool. It is made by Disney and looks like a scrap book. You pick some pictures they take with the FotoPass, add some of your own pictures, add some notes and they print it up and send it to you in a few days. They even emboss the cover of the book with your names and date of trip. They added some pages to the usual version so the cost was a little higher but really not bad considering what you get without the time invested in scrapping. I know some of you like to do scrap books, and they did one the last time they went and it was really cool, but this is a really cool book for those of you who don't scrap and don't have the time.

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Mark said...

That's the way to finish a twelve miler, strong! Good run!
I've never been to Disney world but went to Disney land on 1972!