Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3 Years Old and Running a Mile

Yesterday after dinner, I took all 3 princesses for a walk. We walked the whole 2/10 of a mile to the High School track. They had said they wanted to run around and I thought what better place to run than in a fenced in area where cars won't run them over. So I held up the edge of the fence and let them crawl under while I climbed over the fence. (Yes I guess I was trespassing, but I pay good taxes in this town so guess I pay for the track as well). No one was there so we had the entire place to ourselves. The girls decide they want to run all the way around the track. they line up and start running. After a little coaching from me telling them not to go too fast at the start, the continue running the entire way around the track. After some short walking, 2 of them wanted to run around again so off they go. 2 laps down and they want to run AGAIN. They both run again! Finally the 3 of them decide to run once more. This time I was curious how fast they were running so I timed them. Melissa (7 y/o) ran that lap in 2:30 or at 10:00/mile pace. Megan (4 y/o) stopped and ran around the infield for awhile but Katelynn (3 y/o) ran most of the lap and finished in 3:03 (12:12 pace). The crazy thing is that they wanted to do it yet again, but it was time to go home.

I was very impressed with them and they had so much fun running. I did not push them at all. 3 years old and able to run a mile. Not a bad start.

So I did some running yesterday and today as well. Yesterday was 5 1/2 miles easy and today was 5 miles easy. The pace was about 8:35 both days. I have been feeling a little awkward running last last few days. I start out and I feel like my form is way off and I am wobbling oddly when running. I just doesn't feel natural. I don't know if this is because the muscles are sore or tired or if I really am running with a different form. Maybe it will go away soon. The plan is for a longer run this weekend. Maybe 15 or 16 miles.

I read that the weather is getting better all over the country by reading all your blogs. It was nice again yesterday and today here in Wisconsin. A record high of 75 yesterday and today wasn't bad at 52 when I ran. It is suppose to cool down a little but still not bad for spring. I hope the weather continues to be nice for your neck of the wood. Keep Running!


Mark said...

That sounds like a fun time with The Princesses. It looks like you've got some more runners in the family.Those are pretty amazing lap times!
Hope your form smooths out.

Melanie said...

How fun! Kids and their energy levels are amazing! And hey, I run on my local track, too. I figure that with it being a public school, I help pay for it and deserve to get to use it. :)