Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Little Rain, A Little Wind, A Little Cold

The past 2 days here in Wisconsin have not been the best weather. But it is Spring in Wisconsin so this is about par for the course.

Yesterday it was about 38 windy and a bit of rain falling when I went on my afternoon run. I ran 5 1/2 miles @ 8:23 pace. The rain was very light but was raining most of the run. I felt pretty good and after 1/4 mile, I was plenty warm and built up a nice sweat by the end of the run.

Today it rained most of the day. At 3:30 is was pouring outside and I wasn't looking forward to running in it. Usually I like to run in the rain but I wasn't in the mood today. I checked the weather radar online and noticed that it looked like it was going to let up by 4:30 when I was going to run. 4:30 came and Mike decided not to run. I told him that then I was going to run home from work and he said he would like to see that. So that is just what I did. I live just about 11 1/2 miles from work and half of the run is on a bike trail. About 4 miles though is on a busy road which is no fun. I started when there was a nice wind in the face but no rain. The rain looked liek it could come at any moment looking at the clouds. 1 1/2 mile in and I start running on a crushed limestone bike trail. Since it had rained a lot already today, it was quite gushy in places and some standing water but not too bad. It started to rain a little at about mile 6 and then with 2 miles to go, the wind really picked up and so did the rain. The left side of me was really wet and the left was still dry. I made it home in one piece in 1:36:35 for a pace of 8:28.

Once home and dry, I decide to take the princesses to McDonald's to have chicken nuggets and to play in the play area. They had fun and I ate some not so good food. I have cut down a lot of fast foods to try to lose a few pounds so this was a little break from that.

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Mark said...

I could live on McDonalds french fries! Way to tough out the run! That was a good pace, too