Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We Have a Little Problem

When I say I have a little problem, it really is a little problem. It is the toe next to my big toe on my right foot. I have had problems with this toe on and off for awhile. If you look at it from above, it looks crooked slightly curving away from the big toe. This causes lots of blisters on the curve of the toe. Well, as long distance runners, we all have blisters now and then and I don't usually have problems with them. It is the other problem that quite a few runners have that is my issue. Last night I lost the toe nail there. I am sorry if that sounds sick but many runner have this and this isn't the first time I have had this happen to me. The problem is that it cut too close to where the toe nail grows out of the toe and it is very sore today. I am walking with a limp when just yesterday I ran 5 miles no problem. Needless to say, I will not be running today as that would be very painful and I need this to heal some quickly. Hopefully only a day or 2 because this is annoying and rather sucks. It is such a small toe but causes so much pain. AARRGGHH!!!

I'll be back running soon, I know that, but it felt so good yesterday, I wanted to continue it. I guess better now than a few days before a race.

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Mark said...

Man, that is a painful injury. Hopefully it will heal quickly.