Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cold! Good or Bad?

Tonight was another easy 5 mile run. I took another route around town today that included only minor hills so I was able to run it at a pace of 8:33, quite a bit faster than I plan on running during the races. I just heard from Art about Austin and we will be running slow at first. The first 17 miles or so are a lot uphill and the final 8 or so miles are either downhill or flat. We will just have to reach the peak and then roll the rest of the way.

It was cold again tonight on the run. 8 F. But I hear it is cold everywhere here in the US. My parents are in Panama City Beach for their 2 month vacation in a Condo they rent right on the beach. I looked at the weather there this morning at it was 34 F. Why leave Wisconsin? It should get warmer there over the next few days though. And it should be a lot warmer in Texas as well. I was telling some friends that if I had my way, the temps would be 45 from 8AM to Noon, and then jump to 80 after Noon for both days. I know that sounds cold to a lot of you, but I seem to run my best in the colder mid 40's temps. In my most recent good marathon in 2007, it was mid 30's at the start and got top mid 40's by the end. I loved it!

It should warm up here soon. We are expected to reach 40 by Saturday. Tomorrow afternoon though it will be 84 in the Waterpark so all will be good.

Keep up the great running everyone. Winter is going to start to go away soon and spring will bring great runs. I look forward to hearing all about your awesome training runs and races.


Mark said...

Man it's cold up there! I will not complain anymore-we are looking to hit the sixties today thru next week! Are you going to do any type of taper before the Texas Challenge?

Arthur Vance said...

Bill, it was 70 F (again) for my late afternoon run so the whole USA isn't cold.

For the Austin Marathon I've ordered 45 F for the start of the race and 65 F for the finish. No rain, just sunshine.