Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A New Hard Drive and I am Back

I am back. I had some issues with my computer. I got to work on Monday morning about to start the busiest week of work I think I may ever have. It is conversion week for or ERP system and I have a lot to do with the scheduling and work in process conversions. So it would be helpful to have a working computer but I was unable to log in Monday morning. Turns out the hard drive was toast. IT worked on it all day and this morning I had it back with a new hard drive and all settings gone. Should take me about 2 months to get it back to normal.

After the day today, I was able to get in a 5 mile run. It was quite warm outside, at least warm for us northerners. 32 F! I could have worn shorts! The run was great. Not only was it light out for the entire run, but I ran it at an average of 8:20 and felt wonderful. Feels like I am recovered from the 2 marathons which means I can start my long training for the next one. I do not plan on running a marathon this spring (at least race one, maybe run one as a long run though). The next one on my agenda right now may be Whistlestop Marathon in Ashland, WI in October. This one runs on nice trails near peak color time and has a net drop of 600 feet from start to finish. Sounds like a possible PR course to me. I plan on getting back to the basics in training and endurance. I have been sacrificing quality for quantity this past 12 months. Since April 6, 2008, I have run 8 marathons with not a single one under 4 hours like I ran in October 2007.

Changing subject, some of you are interested in how my oldest princess did in her Pine Wood Derby. We did not do too good but learned some valuable lessons for next year. She ended up in 5th place in Division D which means she took 23rd out of 28 cars. At least her car made it past the finish line. 4 cars didn't even make it that far. The car was fast off the line usually 1st or 2nd by the bottom of the hill, but lost speed fast and was passed quickly. It is all in the wheels and her wheels were too loose. Next Year!

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Mark said...

Wow, eight marathons! That's incedible! Sorry the #17 didn't work out like out in California. That's two in a row!!
You all will get 'em next year.