Thursday, February 12, 2009

On My Way to Austin

I am at the airport right now waiting to board my flight to Austin. It is time for the Heart of Texas Challenge. My flight first goes from Milwaukee to Dallas and then after a 2 hour layover, I fly to Austin. The plan is for Paul to pick me up in Austin and then find an Italian Restaurant for some Carbo loading dinner, then to the hotel. Tomorrow, after Paul has a few conference calls in the morning early then we plan on driving the Austin Marathon Course to get a feel for it. I saw a video on their website of the course and it looks very hilly. I think I am in trouble as this is the second race in the Heart of Texas Challenge. After than, we are going to drive the 3 ½ hours or so to Surfside, TX (about 1 hour south of Houston) to the hotel we are staying at for the Surfside Marathon.

I still do not know what to expect. Well, for the first race I sort of do. I will do this as a normal marathon except I am going to go out a little slower this time. Plus the race is entirely on the sand of the beach so it will be a bit slower because of that. I do have my gel plan already in place though. I already drank 48 oz of Accererade today which is over 400 calories. I will do the same tomorrow. I have the lemonade flavor and let me tell you, this is not the best tasting stuff in the world. I guess I have had worse but I did have to force it down some.

I am anxious and excited for the races. I think the weather is supposed to be good but I will do more checking later. Paul and I are the only 2 from Wisconsin in the Surfside Marathon so I hope we represent well. Looking at past results, it looks like Paul could place pretty well. Good Luck to him!

On a different note, I was given a ticket to the Milwaukee Bucks game last night. Great seats too. We sat in the 5th row of the upper deck right at center court. I went with my friend Dale and we had fun. I like Pro Basketball but not nearly as much a College Basketball but I still enjoyed the game. Buck beat the Pacers so that was good. Bango (the Bucks mascot) even made a behind the back half court shot on his second attempt during on of the time outs. The halftime entertainment was really fun to watch. It was a Special Olympics 6 minute Basketball Game. They sure had a lot of fun out there and got real big cheers when they made shots.

It is time to board the flight. I hope to post again tomorrow if I can get Internet access, but if not, wish me luck; I think I am going to really need it on Sunday. Well, here goes nothing!

Update: I was unable to post this when I wrote it. It is not 10:30 PM and I made it to Austin. Paul picked me up and we went to an Italian Restaurant where I has some Shrimp in Fettuccine Alfredo. It was pretty good but a bit too buttery. It felt good to get off the plane. While taxiing in Dallas, I called home and Melissa instantly asked me if I had already seen any horses or cowboys. Not yet sweetie but I am sure I will.

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Mark said...

I'm pullin' for you! Looking forward to hearing the results. It sounds like you have a good plan in regards to fueling, that will sure be important.
Good luck!! Have fun