Monday, February 9, 2009

Busy Day

Today I had quite a few things going on. There was work first. I again got in early as we have so much to do before we "Go Live" on the ERP system in a little less than 3 weeks. I have been working on this almost non stop and this will continue. I have a 5 hour layover in Dallas on Monday and I will be on line during that time getting ready to train others on Tuesday. I will be so relieved when we are live on the new system and running smooth. I need a breather at work.

After work, Mike and I went on a short run. Mike has been injured since he did The Goof a month ago. His knee is bothering him but he decided to run 4 miles with me today at an easy pace. We ran close to 8:30 pace which is super easy for him but not when his knee acts up. He was having trouble 2 miles in but since we were running the bridges loop, we were still 2 miles away from work. We finished and all is well.

After I returned to work, I went to our tool room to cut out my daughter's Pine Wood Derby Car. Since she is only 7 y/o so she isn't quite old enough to use band saws and belt sanders and disk sanders. So she told me the basic design she wanted and I cut it out and added some weights to it to make it as heavy as allowed. Now there is sanding to do and then painting. I told her I would have it ready for her to sand and paint before I left for Texas. Weigh in is next Tuesday (17th) so she will have to have it completely painted by the time I get home. I am guessing it will be pink a/o purple and may even have a Hannah Montana sticker or 2 on it. Now that will be a car to fear!!! I will post a picture of it when we are done with it.

I also stopped at Wheel & Sprocket on the way home. They had the stuff I needed to buy for the marathon that I was recommended to try. Here is what it is. 400 Calories of Accelerade 2 days before the race. Another 400 calories of Accelerade 1 day before the race as well as a carbo loading dinner both nights. Then on race day, take an AccelGel 1/2 hour before the race and 1 every 45 minutes throughout the race. We will see how well this works.

I have been trying to resist looking at the weather this far before the race as it always changes but it looks like lows at night of low 50's and highs in the afternoon of 65 to 70 (hopefully I am long done before the high of the day otherwise it was a very sucky race). Low chances of rain but too far away to know for sure. It will be nice to get in warmer temps but as for running, I like it colder, Mid 40's would be perfect. I will take what I get though. I have run in the hot (Chicago 07), cold (Grand Rapids 07) and very wet (Twin Cities 08) and I live in Wisconsin where we have all kinds of weather. The big guy decides the weather so why worry about it.

That is all for now. No running tomorrow and then an easy run n Wednesday before the flight on Thursday. Let's hope the plan comes together.

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Mark said...

I think black and gold with a "Dewalt" sticker would look sharp! Pine wood derby's are a blast! I'm really curious to know how your carbo loading goes.
Hope the launch at work goes good, too. Have fun!