Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10 Days 10 Hours

It was cold once again today. But do you ever notice that once you get used to the cold, it doesn't seem to feel as cold as it did before? I get this every spring and fall. 50 F in the fall is MUCH colder than 50 F in the spring. Now I said it was cold today. When I ran this afternoon, it was about 14 F with a windchill of 1. But is didn't seem as cold as it did just a month or so ago. By the time I was done with my easy run, I had sweat on my forehead and I didn't feel cold at all. Had I stayed outside for more than a few minutes cooling off, then, yeah, it would have felt freakin' cold, but I go inside close to right away.

I did do another 5 miles today at an easy pace. Ended up being 8:40 pace. I did not get a chance to run yesterday so I was really anxious to get out there today.

It is only 10 days and 10 hours until The Heart of Texas Challenge. To remind you, The Heart of Texas Challenge will be Paul and I running The Surfside Marathon on February 14th, followed by the Austin Marathon the next day, a mere 23 hours after we start the first one. You might be asking if I am crazy. The answer to that is Yes. You might be asking if I am stupid. The answer to that is No (I think). You might be asking if I can actually do it. The answer to that is yet to be determined. We will see. I have done the Disney World Goofy Challenge once 2 years ago. That was running a half marathon on Saturday followed by a full marathon the next day. It was hot and humid for that one but I still don't know what the weather will be in 11 days. The one advantage to this challenge is the order of the races. The first race (Surfside) is run completely on a beach. It is a hard packed sand beach that you can drive a car on so it isn't super soft that would kill legs. This should give the legs a little break before marathon #2. Also in the second marathon, Paul and I will be meeting some more friends who will be running. Larry and Art will also be there and more than likely, I will begin to run with Art and take it easy to start. Though reading Art's blog recently, he looks like he has been on an "Ivan Drago" style workout regimen and might be in great shape and ready to smoke me. Again, we will see.

Thursday should be fun. I plan on taking the Princesses to Wisconsin Dells. If you do not know where or what that is, it is a big Tourist place here in Wisconsin and is also known as "The Waterpark Capital of the World" They have waterparks everywhere. I think if you build a hotel there, you must be required to build a waterpark. The place we are going to is called the Wilderness Lodge and they had 3 indoor waterpark areas totaling 260,000 square feet of waterparks and an additional dry play area. I am hoping for some good family bonding experience. Plus I love waterparks, especially in the winter.


Mark said...

I know what you mean about the temp. It's going to get in the 60's here, it'll seem like a heat wave. The two marathons in two days, crazy-yeah, stupid, no! It's a really cool challenge and I'm looking forward to hearing about it. Have fun with your family!

Arthur Vance said...

Hey Bill, not sure what you should expect from that sand in Houston, but on Sunday we'll be taking it easy. The first 19 miles are uphill. I'm going to drive the course this next week.

My runs have almost all been slow. Just getting in miles.