Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Little This, a Little That

It has been a few days since my last post so here is an update.

Thursday & Friday: Left to go to Wisconsin Dells with the family to stay at The Wilderness Lodge. This was a fun place. They have 3 indoor waterparks with a wave pool, many slides, a lazy river, and lots of kiddie water stuff for the little ones. Melissa is a thrill seeker and wanted to go down every slide she could find. While she cannot quite fully swim on her own, she is almost there but none of the slides let you fully underwater. The other 2 princesses were quite apprehensive but warmed up to the water the next day. They also have a dry play area for kids to crawl around in a shoot balls at each other. I had a lot of fun here. You get to collect there foam balls and the use air guns to shoot them at other people. I had quite a few battles with other people that happen to be there as well.

Saturday: I met up with Paul at Pettit for a 2 hour run. We should have been running outside as a warm front came through and it was in the mid 30's by 7:00 but we decided to just stay indoors and pound out the laps. We started slowly at over a 9:00 pace. We both felt very sluggish and after 8 miles said we were only going 10 miles total. We picked it up the final mile and ran about a 7:20. Final average pace was about 8:46 so I am OK with it. This is still faster than I plan on running the Surfside Marathon next Saturday.

That night, I met up with Chaz and Cherylynn to go see the local band "Cherry Pie" once again. Chaz was tired as he had just run the John Dick Memorial Crusty 50K run earlier that day. Yes, 50K, 31 miles. And it was a trail run with slushy snow. Chaz took 3rd place over all and 1st place masters. He has done this race 3 times now. I do not know which is crazier, a 50K race in slushy snow or a marathon followed by a marathon the next day. I guess I just hang with crazy people.

Oh, one more thing. There is a radio station in town that does a quiz that they can "You Can't Win". It is a quiz that you have to get 5 questions correct in a row but they are extremely difficult questions, but they will ask the same questions over and over again. Well, one of the questions many years ago was "In which city can you find the corner of This Way and That Way?" The answer was Lake Jackson, TX which happens to be only a few miles from where the Surfside Marathon starts. maybe I will have to get Paul to stop and take a picture there.

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Mark said...

Sounds like a blast at the water park! Marathon(s) are getting close!