Thursday, December 4, 2008

Santa Clause

Tonights Christmas movie is "The Santa Clause" on TBS. I think this is only the 150th time it has been played this season so far. Slightly more than "Elf" and "The Polar Express".

I ran 5 miles on the Hills Loop again tonight by myself. A nice 8:30 pace today but it was colder. 18 F. I will be doing a longer run on Saturday. I am leaning toward doing the whole 20 instead of just 13. I may be running with the race director or The Icebreaker Marathon, the one I am doing in January at the Pettit Center.

I have some friends running in races this weekend and some that are injured and may be missing races they trained so hard for. That totally sucks! I hope all goes well for them and that they will be back running ASAP.

Tomorrow is the start of The Living Nativity. Should be fun.

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