Monday, December 22, 2008

100 Christmases

Sunday was a nice cold day here in Wisconsin. Temps were maybe getting to 0 F but usually stayed under with lots of wind. The wind chill was between -20 and -30 F all day.

The evening was warm as we went over to my Aunt & Uncle's house for a family celebration. The best part was that my Grandma was there. This year is her 100th Christmas!!! Holy Cow! She will turn 100 in May, yet her 100th Christmas (you are 0 when you have your first Christmas in case the math seems fuzzy to you). Anyway, wanted to post a pic of her along with the princesses. Also for your reference, Katelynn is the one on the left in the dark purple dress, Megan is the other one sitting in Red and a white fluffy collar, and Melissa is the one standing. And, of course, we are still blessed with Oma and hopefully for a much longer time.

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littlesack said...

just found your blog. I can't believe you ran that much on a track! You make it sound tolerable, but I can barely do 8 or 10 laps on the track, I get so bored. Good luck on the ice breaker!!