Thursday, December 18, 2008

Am I Insane?

OK, recently I have been mentioning a challenge Paul has given me and I have not said what it is because I haven't decided if I was going to do it or not. Well, I think that I am going to be doing it now and I would love to hear your comments on this so please leave a comment if you would.

The Texas Challenge!

Art has now moved down to Austin and is going to run the Austin Marathon on February 15th. he invited a bunch of us down to run with him and it looks like Paul, Larry, and I will join him for the marathon. This will give me 4 weeks to recover from the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon at The Pettit Center in January. So far this is not too large of a challenge since I have already ran 13 marathons and once with 2 weeks recovery. Here is where the challenge comes: Paul and I are going to run the Surfside Marathon the day before Austin!!! AM I INSANE!?!?!?!

2 Marathons in 2 days? I am nuts! The Surfside Marathon seems to be a very small race with only 700 people total in both the half and full marathons. It is also the only marathon that runs completely on a beach! WHAT!!!! the beach there is hard packed sand that cars ride on and they say you leave a footprint of only 1/2 inch when running. So times are a bit slower there because of this but the pounding should be a lot less. Also when we are done, we have to world's largest cold water bath to enter.

I have once tried something crazy like this before but not nearly to this extent. I did run the Disney World Goofy Challenge 2 years ago. That was a half marathon on Saturday followed by a full marathon on Sunday. That was fun but still a big challenge. How will I be able to do a full followed by a full? I guess I will just have to figure it out. I have not come up with a strategy yet except to just finish both. i might shoot for a specific time on Saturday and let Sunday be just for fun and who cares what the time is. I don't know. I do know that I am not looking forward to the plane ride home on Sunday but maybe there will be a nice snowbank I can stuff my legs into, that is if they don't fall off first.

Let me hear your comments. I am interested in what you have to say! Also, I need to name this Challenge. What do you think I should call it? The Great Texas Challenge? Something else?


Mark said...

A cool idea! I have to recup a month after a Marathon! I'll think about a name-I know everything is bigger in TX!

Melanie said...

WOW! That sounds challenging and exciting!!! Maybe call it something like The Heart of Texas Challenge? I thought of this only because of the song "deep in the heart of Texas" and that you have to have a lot of heart to run two marathons. (And if you're not already a marathon maniac, you'll qualify for the club for sure when you do this... how exciting!)