Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hills Loop

Today I ran with Mike after work. We did the hills loop and it was a bit icy and snowy but not too bad. Nothing we haven't dealt with before but it is always a bit nervy to run when you can always see the ice on the road. Mike is my friend that just ran a marathon this fall in under 3 hours for the first time. When he runs with me, it is as if he is just jogging while I am struggling to keep a good pace. We started out at a somewhat easy pace with the first mile in about 8:38 but little did I know that we would be picking it up the rest of the way. Mile 2 was 8:07. Mile 3 had some hills but we picked it up to 7:41 and mile 4 was 7:40. Mike decided to taunt me in the last 1/2 mile dropping it to 7:13 pace but all in all a good run. In the end, our easy 4.5 miles turned into a Tempo run but that was good since I needed a good harder run.

I am debating what I will run this weekend. I will either run a shorter 13 or raise it up to 20 at Pettit. My plan before the Indoor marathon is to still run a 20 miler, a 22 miler, and a 24 miler before I taper. I still need to do some harder tempo runs in there to get a faster pace. I am still not sure of my goal for the race but I know it will be at least a goal of Sub 4.

I am concerned about a long run this weekend as I will also be busy Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at our Church partaking in our "Living Nativity" I will explain more later on that but I did it last year and it was fun.

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