Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Lights and a small Christmas Disaster

Last night we went for a drive with the princesses to look for Christmas Lights. We had 2 destinations and the first was Miller Brewery. MILLER BREWERY? Yes, they have a display of over 400,000 lights choreographed to Trans Siberian Orchestra music. it is about a 6 minute or so show and is really cool. Perhaps you have seen this in the past on one of their commercials but it is much better in person.

Next was on to Candy Cane Lane, a local area of 3 or 4 square blocks that go all out. They also collect money for the MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes against Childhood Cancer). Many cars go through there so it is quite crowded but it is fun to see who is there helping out. Last night was Santa along with the Milwaukee Brewers racing sausages. The Chiriso tried to get in our van but was too big. Bango the buck was there and and ice cream cone and Sub sandwich. Odd things I would say but all fun. Did see one house that is the front runner for the Crap-tacular award though. I wish I had my camera, it was so crappy.

This morning I went over to Mike's house in East Troy for a 13 mile run with him. It was suppose to be 9 F with wind making the windchill be -2 F but the warm front must have come though so it was more like 27 F but the wind still there. As I went into his house before we started, I saw the disaster that was there Christmas Tree. During the night, it had fallen over and many ornaments were on the floor broken. Some will be able to be fixed but others are toast. At least he will be able to fix the one he got last year when we was at Disney doing the Goofy Challenge.

We set off and he decided to run at my pedestrian pace compared to his usual pace. The route we took had many hills and the first 6 miles were mostly right into the wind. that made it quite cold and tough but I kept saying it was a character builder. After 6 miles, our pace was averaging 9:12 and after 9 it was only down to 9:08. I said to him that we have to get this under 9:00 before we finish so while we ran with the wind, we took the pace down to close to 8's and kept grinding it out. The last mile was all into the wind but we finished with an average of 8:50. I am OK with it since it was cold, windy, and hilly but I would have prefered faster for only 13 miles. We'll see next weekend as it will be a nice long one at Pettit. Most likely 22 or 24.

I have some pictures to share but I need to re-download my camera software onto my computer and I first need to find it. I will look tonight so I can share some more.

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