Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hot Chocolate

I love Hot Chocolate! But I also hate it. What I mean is I love the taste of Hot Chocolate but I have the calories involved and what it does to me. I bought a big family size tub of Swiss Miss and took it to work. I am already on my 3rd mug today and when I make a mug, I usually put extra scoops in it and it is like 160 calories per regular serving. That is way too many calories for me to ingest unless I do workout like Michael Phelps! I hope this tub goes fast so I can get the sugar free stuff with a lot less calories.

I could drink coffee instead but I have never liked the taste. Way to bitter for me. I could load it with cream and sugar but why mask it that much. I do love the smell of coffee brewing though. I have been known to start coffee in a hotel room just for the smell, but I think I will stick to Hot Chocolate in the winter.

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