Thursday, December 11, 2008

Big Lunch

Yesterday (Wednesday) was my companies annual Christmas Lunch and Service Award ceremony. Last tear they moved this from doing it in the building to a local restaurant and got 4 school buses to lug us all over there about 1 1/2 miles away. The owner of the company then gets up and gives a little talk and the presents service awards for those who have been with the company 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years etc. Art will roast some of the people up there while being real nice to others. We do this again in the summer and I will be up for 15 years. Time does fly! I will have to prepare for the royal toasting as he did to me 4 years ago. it is all in fun though and all get a good laugh.

After the ceremony, we have a very nice buffet lunch and great selections of pie for dessert. In the end, I ate way to much which made for a somewhat uncomfortable run that evening.

It was a bit cold, 20 F, but still a nice night. I had all intentions of going 8 miles like I did on Monday, but the lunch was still making itself known in my stomach so the run turned into a nice easy 5 on the hills loop. The pace was extremely easy but I think that is what was needed. The plan is to run a shorter long run this weekend. I may go out to my friend Mike's house to run Saturday morning. I was going to cut it down to 13 miles since I had such a horrible finish last Saturday and wanted a week of recovery running. I may just do a "Single Looper" bu his place which is ~11.5 miles over many hills but I will do these at a nice easy pace. I may add 2 miles or so to make it at least a half marathon but maybe not. Depends on how I feel. I was to rest a bit before I go real long the following weekend. The plan there is to go either 22 or 24 at Pettit. The race is just over 5 weeks away so Tapering is coming soon.

I think Friday will be a Christmas Light Drive. Maybe we will find new houses to give out our awards to.

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Melanie said...

Thank you SO so much for all the encouraging comments lately. It means a lot and is really helpful.

Holy cow - battery powered lights?! Are you serious? Do you have 2 strands? Are they short enough to use on crutches. If you aren't using them and want to get rid of them then heck yes, send them my way. I can pay you for them.

email me at melanie0513 [at] gmail [dot] com