Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Icebreaker in the Heat

Today I attended a meeting for the planning of the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon. Chris (Race Director) invited me to be on the committee and I accepted.

I also was able to go on a run with Dana, another member of the committee and running friend of mine. We ran 4.6 miles and he was running easy while I was sweating up a storm in the heat. It was hot and humid but since he is a 2:45 marathoner, and I hover around 4:00, you can see who had it easier. It was a good run though, I can almost call it a tempo but I wasn't quite that fast and I did slow down toward the end. It was hot and humid so that made it more difficult. I hadn't run with Dana in quite some time so it was good to do so. He is not running a marathon this fall since he is expecting #2 at home in September but next year he will be back.

Planning is going well for the Icebreaker. Sign up is going on at Active.com and we are ahead of last years pace. I still need to sign up myself so I better do it quickly. I have written about this marathon before here, it is an indoor marathon in Milwaukee in January. I love this race. One issue I have is trying to explain to others that this race is actually really fun and not boring as most think. Here are some Pros with this race:
1. It is the flattest marathon in the world. Zero elevation gain/loss
2. 190 Port-O-Let Stops
3. 95 Water/Aid Stations
4. Perfect Weather, no wind and 45-50 degrees
5. Music played throughout the race
6. Family can see you 95 times while not getting out of their seat
7. Warm area to stretch and warm up before the race
8. Announcer mentioning highlights and comments through out the race
and one of my favorite things you can't get at other outdoor marathons:
9. The race unfolds right before you eyes and you can see who is winning, seconds, etc.

There are many other Pro's to this race so if anyone is interested at all, I say sign up and give it a try. You may love it like I do. Leave me a note and I can answer any questions you may have, or at least I can find out the answer.

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