Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Flying Monkeys?

That is right, Flying Monkeys. They exist. Not in the Wizard of Oz, but in Nashville. More specifically in the Harpeth Hills section of Nashville in Percy Warner Park. Sounds like a good place for a marathon.

On Sunday morning, I was on the Internet right at 8:00AM signing up for the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon which takes place this year on November 21st. Mike also signed up so we will be travelling down to Nashville the weekend before Thanksgiving to try to tackle this marathon and also check Tennessee off the list of 50 states.

This marathon is not one to take lightly though. The website and emails mention stuff like you have to be really stupid to run this race, stupid and crazy. There is 3500 feet of elevation gain and loss during the race, that is insane. Right up my alley! There will be no PR in November, there will just be a fun run through a beautiful park. I have a friend who has run though this park quite often and she confirmed the hills are there. I haven't asked her if she has seen and of the infamous flying monkeys yet though.

This race also sold out in ONLY 32 minutes. WHAT!!!!!!! Sounds more like a concert than a marathon. Only 200 people get to run this race so it is a pretty exclusive race. I can't wait!!!


Melanie said...

I've never seen the monkeys, but I'm always hopeful.

Part of what I love about this race is that Trent, the race director, is a ton of fun. I love how he sends out the emails like the one we got after registering about how you can't train, etc. There's definitely a laid back southern feel to the race that makes it fun!

Beth said...

Must be a great race to sell out that fast. Sounds like a great way to get another state in.