Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Camping, Running, Mosquitoes, Movies, and a New Race

I was gone the last part of last week camping with the girls. I took them to Door County, WI and the weather was absolutely beautiful, well, except for Saturday night. We stayed in Peninsula State Park and went swimming, hiking, swimming, ice cream eating, swimming, ice cream eating, swimming, you get the picture. Once Friday came, most of my Aunts, Uncles, and cousins (and family) arrived at an resort in Egg Harbor and we all had a great time catching up and of course, more swimming.

On Wednesday night, I was able to do something I haven't done in a long time and the girls have never done. I took them to a Drive In Movie Theater. We saw Despicable Me. I forgot how fun it was to go to these movies. We brought out the lawn chairs and ate junk food. The movie was even better than I thought it would be. There was a second movie, Grown Ups, but we left before that one as I thought the girls were a little to small for that one.

Since the previous week and month was such a big mileage month for me, I knew I could take a break this week and that is what I did. I ended up only running once on Thursday afternoon where I put in 10 1/2 miles through the park. It was very enjoyable and I took it very easy.

I got back to the regular running schedule this week. Monday I was able to get in 8 miles before my Volleyball match. It was very humid but I ran rather well. Tuesday I did my hard workout for the week. I did some hill reps. 6 of them up Mountain Rd and when I was done, I was spent. I had to come home and cut the grass afterwards but I am not sure if this helped or hurt.

Speaking of cutting the grass, it is very humid this summer and it has rained here more than usual. Where is the connection, well, I had to spray heavily with Mosquito Repellent and the mosquitoes here are terrible. It is the worse year for these little bastards in a long time. Funny thing is that up in Door County, they were not too bad, but here in the Milwaukee area, you better have repellent on or you are liable to fly away.

I know I am changing subjects left and right here but here goes again. Yesterday I signed up for a half marathon. the Full Moon Half Marathon in Sheboygan, WI. It is on August 21st at 6:30PM. I love it, an evening race and with sunset on that day being around 7:45, I should be finishing when it is getting dark and hopefully cooler. Paul and Greg also signed up so we will road trip up there, all 1 hour of it. This will be Greg's second half marathon so he is a little excited for it. it is a point to point course and from what I can see, really flat. Hopefully we can all run fast. For you golf fans, Sheboygan is right next to Kohler where the PGA Championships are being held this weekend.

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